Monday, June 8, 2015


It feels like I am having more than my share of "seniors moments" these days! Forgetting is part of remembering!

Walk into the kitchen and forget why I am there. Where did I just lay down my car keys? How did I forget to put the fuel cap back on after getting gas? Where is my watch or wallet? What did I need at the grocery store, now that I’m standing in its aisles? Did I pick up new printer cartridges, or did I just think about getting them?

Today,  I left the office to bring a box of printed materials to the print-shop only to realize on arrival that the box was sitting on the parking lot. I had forgotten my keys, so I ran back into the office to get them. My cell phone rang on the way out the door and just like that I forgot the box, unlocked the van and drove off!

What causes the mind to loose focus? A little interference and I am shagged. The task at hand was clear enough. I guess that I was really not paying attention. I suppose it is normal forgetfulness but there was no stress, no rush. Just stupidity!   

Perhaps getting by on a less than seven hours of sleep could be to blame. 

All I know is that I feel some frigging stupid.

Thank god for marriage or  I would never find my watch, phone, belt or car keys!

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