Monday, June 22, 2015


As the long weekend rolls to a close, I am in the basement decluttering which has put in me in a crappy mood.

There is lots of room in my life for memories Not so much room for the items anymore. I figure most of us are emotional creatures.  We like to keep things that help us relive past experiences - but they sure clutter up our homes. 

Decluttering my filing cabinets, binders and bookshelves is tough stuff. I would not declare myself a horder but there are a couple of decades of papers, clippings, political memorabilia and the like that until today I just could not bear to chuck out.

I feel exhausted! Gritting my teeth, garbage bags are getting filled-up, the shredder is ripping away and boxes of stuff are headed to charity and the dump! 

Part of me feels like I am being brutal about getting rid of stuff - it is not like it is unwanted processions - but I am drowning in stuff that no longer has a purpose. Out with the old!

It is sad that my old VCRs, older computers, floppy disks, printers and an assortment of cables are really useless. They will find no home. A by-product of the wasteful consumerist life  many of us live.

Who needs decades of Policy Options, Toastmaster magazines or Liberal Party policy and convention booklets. Although I have to admit, looking through those booklets there were some really good times. It is hard to believe so many of the faces on the pages are gone and that partisan politics once meant so much to me. 

The Minimalists say this type of cleansing is a spiritual quest which can make you not just tidier, but happier, healthier, richer and nicer. 

I am not feeling much of those feelings this afternoon - just grumpy, perturbed and reflective as I figure out what to keep and what to toss.

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