Monday, June 29, 2015


Tis the season for yard sales and de-cluttering. One persons garbage can often become another persons treasure.

For a gamer, it is a great time to find out-of-print games and rarely used copies of popular games. I found a great post on regarding the 20 most valuable vintage board games that might make you think twice before tossing away any games.

The National League edition of the 1967 Hank Bauer's Be A Manager Baseball board game fetched $1500 on e-Bay.. The complete game included  120 batter cards, 80 pitcher cards, cardboard playing field, dice chart, hit and run/sacrifice chart , and even the base runners. 

Here is a link to to underestimated items that turned out to be worth a fortune, including a A long-lost $1.6 million 17th century cabinet was found ... outside the toilets of a pizza parlor in Yorkshire, England

Just a few examples of the treasure to found in others trash.

The common garage sale has great riches to a few fortunate souls. Take Tony Marohn who scouring the bins ,  stumbled upon a cache of old  documents at local estate sale which he paid  $5.for.  Among the documents, an old  stock certificate from the Palmer Union Oil Company. Palmer had  d a relation  to the Coca Cola Company.  The certificate entitled him to 1.8 million shares in the company! 

Rick Norsigian paid $45 for two boxes of glass plates in 2000. Attracted to the plates because they depicted Yosemite National Park, a place he had worked as a young man. Turns out he had stumbled on a $200 million find. The negatives were the early works of Ansel Adams.

I used to be really into garage sales, scouring them for games and Lego. There were always regulars, folks who make a hobble out of buying and selling used items. 

These folks know what is a deal, what they can make money and what not to buy. Making $100 on a $5 purchase is quite a good mark-up. They keep their smartphones and handy and search e-Bay's completed auctions to determine potential values and know the tricks of the trade. For example, I remember one person using a magnet to determine if something  real silver or not. If the magnet it sticks, it is not a real silver candlestick! 

They are also extremely good at the art of haggling and dress the part and park that expensive car they have earned from plying their trade down the street from the sale.

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