Tuesday, June 2, 2015


I discovered Cards Against Humanity in the Fall of 2012, thanks to a suggestions from one of the researchers at the House of Assembly Legislative Library.

While doing some research on an ongoing book about the post Smallwood era to the end of the Grimes government, a discussion about young children, parenting and social opportunities led to this outrageous party game. Ironically, I have probably spent more hours playing the game than writing the book.

Cards Against Humanity's play mechanism is a lot like Apples to Apples but much more adult -abstract and colourful. It is not a game that I would throw on the table at mom and dads. It is full of comedy, sarcasm, black humor and depravity!

Apparently it started as a concept for a high school reunion New Years Eve party and evolved to Kickstarter - where it took-off.

My first copy was simple enough to obtain, I downloaded the cards in a PDF Format and had them printed at Staples. 

The game is under a  non-free creative commons license. The cost was a donation. At Christmas,  I ordered the the game from Amazon (exclusively) which came on nice card stock and in a cool black box. It also includes some blanks question and answer cards.

Since that time I have purchased nine expansions - the six bigger ones and special small sets on science, Christmas and the 80's. The fun expands exponentially with each expansion. A bonus is that with every expansion comes more blanks which allow me to make up cards! 

There is even a remote version - but this is a game that you must play with people. It is not for everyone - the not so politically correct questions and answers might offend some (or many) but if you like a good laugh, have a have a clue, enjoy wit and depravity - this is a must have.

Speaking of must haves. The original box had room for just the original base game. I quickly ran out of room for my newer cards. Fortunately, the marketing wizards came up with an add-on. The Big Black Box is perfect for all those extras.

Locally you can find Cards Against Humanity, the expansions and the Big Black Box at my favorite  local game store, Downtown Comics, on Duckworth Street.

If you are a gamer or looking for some new games, check out the store's great selection. It might be easy to click a few buttons on-line to order from away but by supporting local you keep jobs here and the selection keeps growing.  As well, if you are like me and looking for advice on games, rules or other gamers - it is the spot! 

Buy local, have fun and game on!

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