Tuesday, June 16, 2015


Not to be overly skeptical, but there is nothing like the fear of going to hell to motivate a conversion to Christianity! The Natural Governing Party has finally decided that the first past the goal post system is not serving Canadians well. In fact, the FPGP is serving Liberals worse. Third party status is just not cutting it.

I have proposed similar changes at national, provincial and young Liberal Policy conventions in the past. In fact, I have written about the need for PR, democratic reform and enhancing the roles of elected members on this blog and in letters to the editor many times.

The strongest defender of the status quo were always those patriarchal Liberals that I supported so strongly with my time, talent and treasure over the decades. I am gathering that another spell as third party because the FPGP is no longer working for them has led to a pre-election conversion. Like Saul on the road to Damascus, St. Justin has seen the light, the error of his ways.

While I think the policy is good and the suggestions are fabulous, I just do not trust Trudeau anymore. He has lost my confidence, my treasure and any talent I might have to offer.

I am a just society Liberal, a middle-of-the road liberal, a true believer. Today my vote is very much predicated on policies, the type of Canada I believe in and the retrenchment of the ideal of a just society. 

Justin Trudeau and the current Federal Liberal Party no longer reflect my "liberalism".

Mr. Trudeau is serious about democratic reform and removing the curse that is Harper Conservatism - but the messenger dilutes the message. The Emperor has no clothes. Next thing he will be talking about natural justice and fairness.

This brand of hypocrisy is tough to swallow. 

If you want Real Change, vote for it and forget this pretender.

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