Thursday, April 23, 2015


The daughter of a man killed by a member of Premier Paul Davis's security detail is demanding that an independent police force investigate the shooting.

Donald Dunphy's daughter speaking through her lawyer - has lost faith in the ongoing investigation being carried out by the RCMP. 

The Provincial Government has refused to comment on calls for a public inquiry into the April 5th shooting.  Justice and Public Safety Minister, Darin King has stated that he wants to "see the current, ongoing investigation unfold and see what the results are".

 NDP leader Earle McCurdy has publicly called for a public inquiry and Liberal Leader Dwight Ball says he would support one.

The Dunphy families concerns about tunnel vision and a lack of objectivity will only ignite more suspicion about the events leading up to the shooting, the shooting itself and the aftermath.

Abandoning the ongoing investigation would be wrong. Lets see what the RCMP investigation states before truncating the process.  I doubt any process is going to meet the expectations of many considering the political "undertones", reliance on forensics and the shooter being the only witness.

I just think that that the RCMP, with the participation of Justice Riche , will produce a professional, through and unbiased investigation. 

Will involving another police force change anything from an investigative point of view - probably not, but this tragedy has been marred by perception issues since it occurred.

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