Monday, April 13, 2015


Manic Mondays...what is it about Mondays? 

Balancing a couple of jobs, the kids hockey, heritage fair projects and Shallaway made for an insane evening of logistical challenges. To add a little more irritation, it looks like Friday in the kitchen. What is it with those lazy dishes that they can not wash themselves? 

I can not really complain, Aidan usually has them washed or stacked in the dishwasher. It has been a manic Monday for all.

Hockey, I thought was finished. Nope, just for one.  Liam is participating in a week long series of checking clinics and trying out for the provincial team.

The good news, the upstairs bathroom is back in service. Kristine painted, plastered (with some help form Mark and Joe) and (with a little help from Dad and Steve) installed the toilet. It is great to have a pair of functional bathrooms again!

Dinner, suffice to say was not home made.  One of my biggest beefs with our hectic schedule is the lack of quality family time. Evenings like this when we all busy buzzing around in different directions means eating on the run. We do not get a chance to catch-up on the day and talk. Instead, it is chaos and Burger King. Junk food and no communication. Zombie mode.

Sometimes life has a way of telling you to prioritize, slow down or at least plan a little better. After picking Conor up from Shallaway, we decided to drop into Canton for some Szechuan and Singapore Noodles for our late Supper. The fortune cookie was englighting, "A job well half done". 

A little more planning and perpetration would eliminates a lot of the stress and confusion. 

A little Sunday planning and cooking might make these manic Mondays a little more manageable. 

Now, can I muster a little energy for a relaxing walk before rewriting this proposal?

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