Monday, April 20, 2015


Sit still and concentrate!

A report from the University of Central Florida , who concludes in the latest issue of the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology that the kids they tested with ADHD performed better on cognitive tests when moving around.

Demanding that kids with ADHD sit still and focus could be all wrong. The authors authors say. "It’s exactly the opposite of what we should be doing for a majority of children with ADHD. The message isn’t 'Let them run around the room,' but you need to be able to facilitate their movement so they can maintain the level of alertness necessary for cognitive activities."

The findings show the longtime prevailing methods for helping children with ADHD may be misguided.

The research has major implications for how parents and teachers should deal with ADHD kids, particularly with the increasing weight given to students' performance on standardized testing. The study suggests that a majority of students with ADHD could perform better on classroom work, tests and homework if they're sitting on activity balls or exercise bikes, for instance. (Science Daily)

The study at the UCF clinic included 52 boys ages 8 to 12. Twenty-nine of the children had been diagnosed with ADHD

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