Tuesday, April 14, 2015


We all know that politics is perception.

The entrenchment of the permanent campaign,  governing or criticizing by polls rather than conviction, speech writers, communication gurus, policy advisers and carefully created sound-bytes. It has become a plastic, insincere game about strategy, taking advantage of cleavages and broad stroke policies to build diverse coalitions.

The most bizarre revelation (besides the utter arrogance and culture of entitlement) of the Puffy Duffy Trial is the use of professional image advisers and make-up artists by politicians. The carefully constructed messaging is backed up by an aid who applies make-up, ensures sure your suit and tie matches, that your label pin is straight and in some cases they even can read your tea leaves.

The revelation that the Mike Duffy, who is accustomed to make-up after a career in television broadcasting and the Prime Minister shared a makeup artist should not have come as a shock. If it was good enough for The Prime Minister, it had to be coveted by Duffy even if he had to find "creative" ways to pay for us to pay for it!

The artist in question has traveled with the Prime Minister on numerous occasions, although his office says her costs were paid by the Conservative Party. Official receipts conflict with that story.

The fact is Duffy was a star appointment whose role was not to represent PEI but become a cash cow (pig) for the federal Conservative Party. His residency was a technicality. To believe that the Prime Ministers Office was not part of this half-baked, cute-by-half residency scheme is an insult to our collective intelligence.

The revelations just go to show how far the leadership of our country has distanced itself from the average voter who is struggling to survive. It is like the decline of Rome. The so called Fiscal Conservatives are pigs in the public trough. 

They are hypocrites, fake and plastic.

No coat of face paint is going to hide that!

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