Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Last Friday, I posted about the "Leaked" E-mail from the RNC Officer who shot and killed Don Dunphy on Easter Sunday.

I stated, tongue in cheek, that he had issued an indirect statement because it was obviously composed for a much wider distribution. Read the letter, it is nearly perfect, too perfect.

First of all, it would appear highly improper that a member of the force under investigation by the RCMP with regard to a fatal shooting would be making any kind of statement, to staff, fellow workers and certainly not the public - to whom I think the e-mail was ultimately designed.

This appears to be a poorly thought out attempt to sway public opinion - to get back to the issue of self-defense in a situation where deadly force was the only recourse.

Of course, we do not know if it was the only recourse. We do not know what happened over these 15 minutes that changed the demeanor of the conversation to the point where a rifle was allegedly pointed at the officer. We still do not know why what was obviously not a threat became the basis for a member of the Premier's security detail to travel to Mitchel's Brook on Easter Sunday.

The e-mail, the subsequent investigation into how it was leaked, the Premer's call to the his former colleague - the shooter - to offer him moral support, the fact that an email was even forwarded to staff in the first place all speak to enhancing, not dissipating the cloud of suspicion that appears to be following the RNC these days.

I want to believe that our police force is
made up of many highly capable, professional individuals. I have to believe the RNC operate with dignity, fairness, and respect for the law and the public.

I say this knowing that P&P has been quite public in its criticism of the force in the public. The issues of officers being charged for assault, losing guns, misfiring guns, losing evidence, bungling evidence, possible perjury, tampering with ongoing investigations,  poor accounting, stolen money and the miscarriage of justice leading to false murder convictions has created a rich environment for detractors.

However, this latest chapter in this unfolding tragedy has me scratching my head. Why throw fuel on the fire? This issue is hot enough enough without turning it into an inferno.

Once again, it opens the door to calls for a transparent inquiry into the process leading up to the shooting, the shooting itself and perhaps it should be expanded to examine the independent wild west culture that appears so dominant in the force.



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Anonymous said...

Premier Davis claimed he knew nothing of the incident until after. The shooting.
Hogwash /Highly. nlikely

The officer acted alone...

The un-named officer, whom is responsible for this Rnc catastrophe and "killing" loss of life. Releases a internal email with without the consent or assumed premission of the chief of police, or the Priemer . again acted alone and sent an email so well wriiten and strategic in timing for the saturday paper press deadline that even all news agencies smelled a rotted fish
Hogwash / highly unlikely

The officer and or the police or the body professional which authorized the sending of this email should be held accountable
For meddling with media on topic while being investigated by another police body
I smell a cover up to protect the premier and his chief of staff and the chief of police...
Two many chiefs and none of them brave

God gaurd the Newfoundland ,
Go gaurd thee

we are being led by a ship of fools.

Put on your life jackets please and sit in the up right position.