Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Justin Trudeau has reiterated his position that the Liberal Party will not be entering into a coalition with the Official Opposition NDP for the 2015 election.

Just to widen the chasm between the parties he added that he would be more open to a coalition with the NDP if they had a different leader.  He told the Canadian Press that Thomas Mulcair's “old-style” way of doing politics does not mesh with his.

Interestingly enough, a Global News/Ipsos Reid poll released yesterday showed Canadians are not all that enamored with Trudeau's leadership skills. The momentum in the six month lead-up to the Fall election, in this early April snapshot of public opinion, appears to be with the governing Conservatives and the Official Opposition New Democrats.

Trudeau tanked in a few areas while Mulcair  edged ahead with 34% as the choice of which leader would best “provide an open, responsible and ethical government".  

On the measure of “someone you can trust,”, the Liberal Leader fell seven points from 38% in in February to 31% this month. 33 per cent thought Mr. Trudeau had a hidden agenda. 48 percent of those who participated in the poll felt Prime Minister Harper had a hidden agenda. Less than 20% felt that the "old style" Mulcair had a hidden agenda.

The Liberals and the Conservatives are in a virtual tie - Harpers Conservatives were at 35% while the Trudeau's Liberals came in at 33%. The NDP were back at 25%.

63%  believe it is time for another  party to take over the government.

While the national numbers look good for the Liberals, The NDP enjoy a lead in vote rich Quebec. The regional numbers show a tight race in Ontario, with the Liberals dominating in Atlantic Canada.

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