Monday, April 20, 2015


Sony and TV producers are putting pressure on Netflix Canada to close proxy and virtual Private networks that allow subscribers to use American Netflix which offers a much greater volume of content.

Up to a third of Canadians subscribers use American Netscape which is illegal to view in Canada. The geofence is supposed to prevent hopping the fence but it has not been policed. Now Sony wants Netflix to start quashing the technical workarounds that allow viewers to hop the fence.

Netflix has stated in the past that chasing down offenders is a waste of time because as quick as geoblocks are but in place, new ways of getting around them are found. 

New copyright legislation being proposed in Australia may make it illegal to use VPNs. Internet Service Providers will be made to police users and block overseas sites that offer users a way to infringe on copyrights.

There is no doubt that free age of gorging on music, movies, books, comics, games and tv programs for free are coming to a close. The  copyright holders are closing the noose. 

It appears to be a game of whack-a-mole, one side gains the underhand and it just encourages hackers to find a new way.

It is not illegal to download  content, it may be unethical, but it is not illegal. The owners of the copyrighted material can sue you, but you are not stealing - in a criminal sense. There is no law specifically condoning the activity. However, the copyright holders can break your bank.

Geofencing seems a little grey to me. You are paying for a service, why all the damn barriers. This is a content supply issue. Increased access to American levels of content would solve the issue!

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