Tuesday, April 21, 2015


It seems all things Star Wars are cool at the moment.

 From games, to books, comics and the upcoming movie. The latest trailer has been views 100 million times over  a few days.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released on December 18.

An older Harrison Ford and Chewie revs up the fans when they appear  on the screen and Han Solo declares "Chewie, we're home!" 

I wonder if Carrie Fisher will be wearing her metal bikini?
 It struck all the right emotional chords for fans who have grown up with the Star Wars Saga.  As a kid, I played Star Wars with my brothers reenacting scenes like battles on the Death Star - on the government wharf.

In my early twenties my brother and I got absorbed by First person Star Wars video games that allowed us to have light saber battles and utilize the force. 

The attraction to the force, the balance between good and bad, the grey, the generations that have played make believe as Jedi and Sith have all come together in an emotional link that crosses time and expected behaviors. 

I love getting to relive being a kid as a parent and bond over Star Wars.

It is even better now that being a geek is cool, especially when you were a geek when it was not cool. 

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