Wednesday, March 25, 2015


A few years ago, I would oft lament that good sci-fi T.V. was hard to find. 

Now, more than ever there is a bounteous volume of shows to choose from.  So many in fact, that I have find it hard being faithful to the shows, and often ignore new ones for fear of liking them.

New sci-fi shows are a bit like shopping at Cost-Co, you start buying something you really like and than suddenly they stop carrying it! 

How many times have I been sucked into a series only to be left hanging in disbelieve and frustration the new flavour of the month was canceled before wrapping up the story line.

It is hard to believe that it was over twenty years ago that I watched the first episode of the  X-Files. The subliminal creepy eerie theme song will  always be more first thought to a scary or creepy event! The X-Files" showed investors that a fantasy show could have incredible widespread success.

 I  do not think I missed a single original airing from 1993 to 2002. The adventures of Mulder and Sculleypav ed the way for two generations of fantasy fare. "The X-Files" was  a hybrid embracing  both the horror and science-fiction sides of the fantasy genre.  The extensive alien mythology was weaved through the shows entire running but the monster-of-the week kept you coming back for more. I am/was an unabashed X-phile!

It was must see TV for me. 

Next to Battle Star Galactica and Babylon Five, no other series has captivated me so fully. The exploits of Scully and Mulder, the sexual tension and the conspiracies played right up to me. We even developed a drinking game when watching the series on DVD, If certain words or "Mulderisms" were used you sip, gulped or chugged.

For a series that really captivated me, I have not even attempted to see the newest big screen addition. Why ruin the past?

I can  not fight the future, the X-Files ais  coming back!  Thanks to Netflix, another generation of X-File groupies have cropped up. They want more. This generation has followed the series through books, comics and and two movies.

Yesterday, Fox announced  a six-episode continuation of the original nine-season run.  David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will reprise their roles as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. Chris Carter  is also on board. 

It has been 15-years? When last we saw them Mulder were on the lamb - hiding from the New Syndicate and set to expose the truth about the government conspiracy to cover up the threat of alien colonization.

Can they recreate the magic? Can they bring the Lone Gunmen back to life like they did in the comic book series?  I'd love to see an alien bounty hunter , including some green blood and/or black oil. Some shapeshifting, human replacements and supersoldiers.  What about William? What about Judgement Day?   I think that was supposed to happen in 2012

One thing for certain, broadband will be taking a hit as folks start re-watching the episodes in preparation for the new episodes. Might be worth a trip up to Target to pick-up the Blue Ray versions for 60% off.

There is so much potential in this paranoid, security obsessed drone filled world.

I want to believe!

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