Sunday, March 15, 2015


Pirates beware,  age is no excuse for ignorance of copyright protection in the eyes of copyright trolls!

A 63-year-old women has just been prosecuted by Romanian police for the crime of making available copyrighted content using BitTorrent. An investigation revealed that  the granny had been making available significant quantities of movies, music and other content without the necessary permission from rights holders. 

The prosecution of file-sharers of any age is in Romania is “very very rare.”. Indeed  the country doesn’t have much of a record for this kind of action, many torrent sites themselves operate out of Romania trouble free.

On the flip side, a 9-year-old suspected pirate's home was raided and her Winnie the Pooh laptop was confiscated. The Finnish anti-piracy group CIAPC initially requested that the girl's family pay a settlement of 600 euros and  sign a non-disclosure document.

 Zealous third-party companies are monitory I.P addresses hoping to cash in on the bonnza provided by new- anti-piracy laws while mainstream rights holders and ISP are sending our messages designed to be educational. 

 The net is tightening. The free ride which is the easily accessible world of the Torrents downloading is coming to an end.

Changes to Canada's copyright rules have resulted in much more scrutiny of what we are downloading. Aggressive online piracy monitoring companies are informing ISP who have begun sending  Canadian consumer letters threatening draconian penalties, including having their Internet service cut off. 

However the ISPs do not give your mailing address to the trolls, so at this point the heavy threats made by the trolls are not penalties under Canadian law.

You takes your chances.

Persist at you own risk - but know you could be the next win the litigation lottery!

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