Monday, February 2, 2015


After a twenty year commitment to Aliant (Bell) we switched to Rogers for our internet service last week.

The phone/ISP company has been trying to offer us a better internet package but the speeds for the top ADSL package were not living up to the hype and Fiber-Op is not even on the short term agenda for our area of the city which is serviced by underground wires.

The boys were getting frustrated with the continual lag which made competitive gaming on X-Box Live a no go. Kris and I were tired of the lock-ups that resulted in dial-up like speeds a couple of times a day. So, after a to decade or more commitment we have switched to blazing and dependable speeds.

The challenge though is that now my e-mail address has changed. Despite the fact that we have four Bell cell phones in our home, the company will not entertain letting me keep my old sympatico address. This of course has caused me lots of grief with notifying dozens of e-bill providers, not to mention hundreds of friends that my address has changed. Moving house is easier!

there is no industry standard in dealing with this problem. It is pretty difficult to even get a definitive answer on  whether or not it's possible to continue using their email account when you decide to switch to a different broadband service. I thought the simple fact that were are still kicking $300 or so a month into the bellies of Bell Mobility, which includes a data plan, might count for something.

No doubt it's a good idea to have an external email account, separate from your broadband service. I have a separate Gmail account, but twenty years of using the same sympatico account (with a nf not an nl) means that I am bound to be disconnected from some friends, acquaintances and accounts. 

I have transferred my address book (gotta love the iCloud) which means that I did not have to start over with an empty address book and building it up again from scratch.

I'm afraid my much loved account is lost forever, but I have not given up yet!

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