Sunday, February 8, 2015


Ignoramus Don Cherry may have finally bitten off more than the crotchety old bugger can chew.

Cherry and Ron MacLean's odd couple routine was never all that palatable to me. Cherry acts like a bully, abusing the knowledgeable MacLean on Coach's Corner. Cherry has pulled his foot out of his mouth so may times that I am suprised he does not own a prosthesis.

The controversy this time gets to the quick in Newfoundland and Labrador and the Canadian North. MacLean is in St. John's this weekend for  Hometown Hockey and on Coach’s Corner last night, while talking about our great city, he mentioned some of the great fare at our restaurants.

When he told Cherry he had the seal burger at Mallard Cottage in Quidi Vidi.  Cherry went on the offensive asking why he ate a “little baby seal” suggesting he is a savage and a barbarian!

The comment has not gone over well in this province where Cherry's ignorance of the seal fishery and insults cut to the bone.

I am not a huge fan of seal, although a properly prepared flipper is quite a delicacy in the Spring.

Not that it matters to the ignorant but only three types of seals: harp seals, hooded seals and grey seals are harvested, the majority are harp seals. It is illegal to kill white coat baby seals which are newborn harp seals.

The comments about savagery and brutality are particularly hypocritical considering his ownership of a chain of fast food restaurants that serve lots of beef, chicken and pork products that are slaughtered for his profit and our "barbarian" consumption.

I suggest we rock'em and sock'em where it hurts by boycotting his restaurants.

In the mean time, Cherry eat crow!

I can not wait to see what Rick Mercer does with this?

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