Monday, February 2, 2015


I am not a huge football fan but the Super Bowl half-time show and television commercials have proven too tempting to ignore.  They have become thier own spectacle attracting millions of folks who wished to be dazzled by the ad geniuses.   .

The marketing power of social media continues to grow. Remember last years ""You can still dunk in the dark." Tweet when the power went out during the big game!

This year advertisers really took advantage of social media this year adding another dimension to the layers of Super Bowl hype. 

McDonald's conducted a sweepstakes, Tweeting at and about other Super Bowl advertisers and giving followers a chance to win products by those brands. The social media campaign ran  alongside the much-discussed "Pay With Lovin'" ad.  I have expect a call from Aidan in the future making a gesture to get  a free burger!

Cheerios issued a perfect O reaction to a game changing play in the fourth quarter. Mountain Dew used Snapchat to allow fans to choose the direction of an interactive story. Squarespace created a real album of relaxing sounds by actor Jeff Bridges and T-Mobile sent random Twitter uses "leaked" photos from Kim Kardashian's data stash.

I watched the game at Montannas with a buddy. No big crown and no American commercials.  I'll be surfing the web for those missed ads tonight!

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