Tuesday, January 13, 2015


It might be time for a computer upgrade at the Whittle homestead.

I have been a Mac user for approximately 14 years. It was a big transition for me because I used to like assembling my own PC's, swapping out boards, RAM, video cards, audio cards and the like.

The Mac is more or less fixed in time, as is until you buy a new one. That was the price I was willing to pay for stability and form.

We are big Apple supporters. From iPhones to desktops and all stops in between. There are at least 20 Apple devices functioning in our home. With that big of a financial commitment, it just made sense to keep everything nice and compatible.

My brother Mike and I have been duelling over the Mac or PC question for a decade. I would still argue that Mac maintains a marginal advantage but Windows has been upping it's game.

I no longer think that Macs rule, all devices and operating systems are tools. Choosing the right device is more about usage and personal choice because the tools are available across the board.

Apple’s tendency to end the support of applications and introduction of new Operating Systems faster than Windows has become annoying and expensive. Each new OS has meant new software versions that keeping picking my wallet.

As good as it might be, Mac hardware has limitations when it comes to configuration, I am tired of sacrificing upgrade options and performance.

Which gets to the point, Aidan wants to game on a PC. The right device for those tools is not the inflexible Mac.

I see some changes coming.

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