Sunday, January 11, 2015


The slaughter in Paris was shocking in so many ways but it underscores a couple of uncomfortable truths.

One, these radicalized Muslims do not play by our rules. For all freedoms we have lost in the name of security to counter terrorist threats, we are not safe.

The other uncomfortable truth is that despite billions of dollars, hundreds of dead soldiers and unconstitutional breaches of the rules of war and the treatment of enemy detainees, Al-Qaeda is still a lethal force.

I consider myself a very tolerant person. I do not think of my-self as racist but I am guilty of racial profiling. When I get on a plane or eat in a restaurant there are times when I see a Middle Easterner and wonder, is he radicalized? Honestly, I despise these feelings and wish that these flashes of insecurity, perhaps fear, did not bubble to the top of my mind.

Than I think how difficult it must be for moderate Muslim individuals, organizations and communities to continue living in a Western World that often stereotypes them because of the color of their skin and their religion.

Only Muslims themselves have the credibility to challenge the extremist messages but will that make them targets of extremism?

I am proud to be a resident of a multicultural nation that is tolerant and accepting of other traditions, viewpoints, religions and cultures. However, as more and more of our freedoms are struck down, I envisage a time when even easy going Canadians will become less tolerant about immigration and even the practice of moderate Islam.

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