Monday, January 19, 2015


The battle for votes is coming down to vote-rich Ontario. has released a weighted average of the latest federal polls that shows the Liberals and the Conservatives are neck and neck.

The Liberals lead with 33.7% nationally compared to the Conservatives 32.4%. In Ontario the Liberals are polling at 37.9% with the tries hot on their heels at 36.8%.

The Federal Liberals are gathering in the South-Western Ontario city of London this week. The Conservatives and New Democrats hold all the seats in southwestern Ontario.

The region is a key battleground for the Liberals who took a shellacking in the 2011 Federal Election.

The Liberals need the profile. London is a key part of the Grits revival. London-North-Centre, a liberal fortress for twenty years, went to the Conservatives.

Justin Trudeau and his caucus will gather beginning tomorrow for two-day caucus session to map out a strategy for the return of Parliament next week. 

London is a city where there are still fewer jobs than before the 2008 recession, and where the last elected mayor, a former Liberal Cabinet Minister, was convicted of fraud. He is currently serving house arrest.

The Liberals have their work cut out for them. 

The Conservatives have been building on their success by bringing in Ministers and lots of funding announcements. Good news is never too good not to re-announce over and over. They have been milking their role in securing a $10-billion  deal for General Dynamics Land Systems to sell armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia. They have assisted with landing billions in other contracts with the United States and Columbia. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs.

Prime Minister Harper is also focusing on the GTA where he hopes to pick up some additional seats. Of the 20 ridings in the area, the Conservatives were only able to win 8 in 2011.

The addition of 30 new ridings for the 2015 election has changed the election map and the Conservatives know that the key to another majority is Ontario. 


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