Saturday, January 17, 2015


Today has been one of the sub-productive days where you lay about and do absolutely nothing.  No energy to read, blog, shower, play a game, go to the gym, go watch the boys play hockey, shovel snow,put away your laundry or accept an invite to a house party.

Dante said “In the middle of the journey of our lives I found myself upon a dark path”. The more I reflect on it, the more confident, the more I feel I have been walking down the dark path for decades.

Depression is a toxic legacy, unknowingly passed down through the generations. The fragility, hidden pain and the anxiety that sabotages us resulting in psychically illnesses, drug and alcohol abuse, becoming a rage-aholic, failures in intimacy, domestic strive, self-sabotage in careers and that ever present sense of dread.

Depression, even today with all of the attention provided, is still seen as unmanly. Buck up, suck it up, stop being lazy, get your shit together.  Showing “feminine motions” is a sign of weakness. The hidden pain manifests in ways that impact those that love you – your wife and children. They are faced with the painful dilemma of   living through it wondering if there is a relief, walking on egg shells. The impact of depression is enormous of those that love you.

I truly believe that no one can understand depression who has not walked in a depressed persons shoes, no more than anyone can understand the loss of a child, except one who has.

60 to 80 percent of people with depression never seek treatment, yet with medication and psychotherapy  80 to 90 percent of depressed patients can find relief.

There is no need for a public story, but know that you can seek help and that assistance can help you learn to overcome, to accept and have the rich life you deserve. You are not alone, there are millions of people like us.

My three sons remind me that hope is the remembrance of the future.

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