Saturday, January 17, 2015


Just when you thin the Taken story had run its course, along comes Taken 3.

The Taken franchise began back in 2009. The original was never expected to be a box office success. The film that cost $25 million and raked in $226 million. 
 Taken Two earned $376 million against a budget of $45 million. If there is any anything the Hollywood movie making machine likes is sequels and money.

I liked the first one, enough to reluctantly watch the second one in theaters. I was reluctant because I had a been there, done that feeling. Despite the negative reviews from the critics, the movies have delivered good entertainment. I was not surprised, despite poor reviews that Taken Three topped the box office last week.

Even the star Liam Neeson is reported to have originally refused to have anything to do with a third Taken. The golden goose had laid a couple of solid eggs. Apparently, he said he would not sign on if anyone got taken feeling that would be an insult to the audience. 

Neeson is back, no one is taken - although a few are "grabbed" - and the movie is an action-packed rollar-coaster thriller that takes place in Los Angles.

It was dinner and movie night with my brother and his wife, I had no expectations. In return I was really pleased. 

Bottom line, this movie takes a  few of the characters from the past two movies and weaves a heck of a thriller.  It might not be the best of the series but, all in all,  it provided a good January night of escapism and entertainment.

Poor Bryan Mills, I hope the aging, decent retired CIA operative enjoys his retirement. Hollywood can stop now. They have grabbed every penny that this series is worth.

Neeson has earned his place among the aged in the next expendables along with Pierce Brosnan, Jean-Claude Van Damme and whatever "90's" geriatric action heroes they can assemble!  

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