Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I do not know about  peepin' and a hidin' but this morning was all about Slippin' And Slidin!

Mild mild temperatures and lots of rain here in St. John's have created a slippery mess. You are going to need to dig out the salt and lots of windshield cleaner today.

Putting the garbage out on the curb this morning was a challenge for most people!

Despite the slippery sidewalks and driveways, I dis spy a motorcycle in the morning traffic rush! Some guy wearing his best oil clothes took advantage of the +6 weather to ride his bike to work. My other observation of the morning was watching people slipping and falling on sidewalks. I watched two people walking towards bus stops, head down typing away on their cell phones paying no heed to the treacherous conditions. Besides bruising their pride, I think they were unhurt! 

Speaking of slipping and sliding, my old buddy Jim Bennett found himself scrambling for traction for something he did not say in the House of Assembly yesterday. His colleague, Liberal Justice Critic Andrew Parsons was questioning government about cost cutting measures. He asked if all cabinet and parliamentary secretary positions were on the table. Allegedly someone uttered that unelected Justice Minister Judy Manning's cabinet position "was under the table".  

Hansard, the official record of the legislature did not pick it up but some folks in the public gallery (mostly  government  political  staff) claim that someone on the Opposition side did say it, and the finger was pointed at the scrappy former Liberal Leader. Bennett has denied saying it.  

I suppose the Justice minister could have raised a point o personal  privilege or demanded an apology but despite being in the cabinet she is not a member of the legislature and arrogantly refuses to seek election to the 47th General Assembly.

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