Thursday, January 22, 2015


A Fraser Institute report that measures the fiscal performance of Canadian premiers could  challenge the current perception of the ruling Conservatives and former-Premier Cathy Dunderdale. 

The report compares 10 of the country's past and current premiers on their economic performance. Fraser ranked premiers based on how well or poorly they performed relative to their counterparts.The most recent year studied by the Fraser Institute was the 2013/14 fiscal year. 

"Sound fiscal policy means prudent government spending, balanced budgets and a tax burden that isn't so heavy it becomes a disincentive for people to work hard, save, invest and be entrepreneurial," Charles Lammam, Fraser Institute's associate director and study co-author, said in a statement.

Drum roll please.....o yea please take a seat....Former Newfoundland premier Kathy Dunderdale scored highest as the most fiscally-sound manager of all. 

The ranking comes as the province tries to come to terms with the impact of it's fiscal reliance on the oil industry. The province is facing  a potential One Billion dollar deficit for this year.

It may well give voters pause to question the almost universal truism in the province that the current situation reflects poor fiscal management. The finacial crisis may reflect our reliance on oil - and a failure to prepare for the ups and downs of that commodity's prices.

Those who might have done it differently can point the finger but when you see what falling oil prices have done to Alberta, a little bit of perspective seems only fair.

Partisan opinions  Kathy Dunderdale has been recognized as having the best fiscal policy among all the provincial leaders. That means something.

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I agree 100% with your comments. Take this opportunity to say congratulations to Mrs Dunderdale.