Tuesday, January 20, 2015


I just noticed that the Liberals have officially suspended calling any further nominations while the debate on the 2015 Electoral Boundaries Commission  is taking place.

The NL Grits had been rightfully boasting about how organized they were in the lead up to the 2015 provincial election. The party had planned to have all 48 candidates in place by the Spring. No doubt the Conservative's premature boundary commission debate is in part related to disrupting that huge Liberal advantage.

Bill Carter  secured the Liberal nomination for  District of Fortune Bay – Cape La Hune bringing the number of nominated candidates to 27. The nomination for Trinity North was called on January 15th but was     suspended today. Polemic and Paradox had heard last week that nominations were going to be suspended in Bellevue district.

There has been some controversy about the early call of nominations. Election Readiness Chair and St. John's East candidate Paul Antle told me that it was critical to be ready for a possible Spring Election.

It will be interesting to see what the party does with the 27 nominated candidates when the new boundaries are defined. Presumably, with 10 less members on the island, the new districts will not mirror the current 44.

Many Liberals have expressed concerns over the timing of some of these 27 nomination calls. Some people complained that the early calls were preventing them from participating in the process for employment reasons. With the new boundaries and additional time, it is certain that these candidates will be reassessing running. 

Others felt that the timing of certain nominations  favored  preferred candidates. The Party also received letters from a number of individuals who participated as candidates for nominations regarding voting irregularities and procedural issues.

Having gotten past these issues, a redo can not be all that desirable to party organizers. 

One can only assume that the entire nomination and election of district executives will have to done all over again unless the leader is going to take the undemocratic step of appointing candidates.

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