Sunday, January 11, 2015


While shopping for some ingredients for a nice Cajan jambalaya at the Dominion on the lake, I stumbled on these huge, juicy looking apples.

I thought an apple would be a delicious afternoon treat and would pair nicely with some Brie and Cambozola. This Fiji Apple was a pleasant surprise.

It is a cross of Red Delicious and Ralls Janet and was developed in a research lab in Japan in 1962 - where it remains very popular.

It is a big crisp apple with a honey sweet taste. Guaranteed to give your jaw a workout! Apparently, it might not have been the treat I needed, it is loaded with sugar!

It also reminds me of something an old fella from home said once about these large apples that were on display. "Look at the size of them apples my so, wouldn't take to many of them to make a dozen. Eh!"

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