Tuesday, January 20, 2015


A story in the  the Times perked my attention this morning. 
British men (and women) will have to look elsewhere for bazongas, boobs, funbags, baps and whatever else they call breasts in England. Last Friday marked the end of the topless "page 3 girl" which has been a staple of the UK tabloid The Sun for 44 years!
The paper will continue to run photos of scantly clothed women in bikinis and lingerie but the "bare-breasted" photos - which have been began running back in 1970 - are said to be a thing of the past. There's no arguing with the fact it's a British institution
The topless images have long drawn protests from campaigners, with an online petition against their use attracting more than 215,000 signatures so far. The objectification of women in the Sun papers has been an issue for years with critics saying the "Page 3 Girls"  sent the message that what mattered,  were womens breasts not their brains
The Sun had already stopped carrying topless images on weekends. The Irish edition scrapped practice of publishing topless photos three years ago.
Until 2013, Page Three models offered their views on everything from beer duty (to how much corporation tax large businesses should pay in the "News in Briefs: section. Those cheeky buggers.
The end of an era, or good riddance? 

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