Thursday, January 22, 2015


More evidence today that E-cigarette vapors are harmful!

Researchers from Portland State University in Oregon have found that e-cigarettes operated at high voltages produce vapor with large amounts of formaldehyde-containing chemical compounds. 

Other studies have shown that E-Cigarette usage has overtaken conventional smoking amongst teenagers and there is evidence that the developing adolescent brain is at increased risk of developing nicotine dependence and other addictions

I have been talking up banning E-Cigarette sales to anyone under the age of 19 before this gateway to nicotine addiction and smoking initiation gets a hold on our youth. 

Electronic cigarettes are now a $3 billion business with 466 brands that include candy flavoring and are increasingly popular among children, according to the World Health Organization.

This latest study just confirms previous studies that suggest that e-cigarettes are not a "safe" alternative to regular smoking. Not safe for kids or adults!

The use of nicotine by teenagers is a very obvious example of substance abuse.  

Please let your local MHA, the Premier and the Minister responsible for wellness know that you want our province to follow Ontario’s lead and ban the sale of e-cigarettes and related products to anyone under the age of 19.


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