Friday, January 9, 2015


Sharks are not the only thing that swimmers and surfers need to worry about when enjoying the ocean of California.

Barry Ault and two surfing buddies ignored warning signs posted on the beach to stay out of the water for at least 72 hours after heavy rain in the Sunset Cliff area. The trio paddled out to catch some waves.

That night all three came down with what they thought was a flu - lots of chills and shaking. Ault slipped into a coma and died two days later in complete sepsis from a deadly staph infection!

He missed the importance of the warning which ended with the tag " Be preventative, be safe, and enjoy the holiday"

Anything dumped or dropped on the ground or in the gutter can end up in the nearest body of water. Stormwater pollution results from materials and chemicals washed into the storm drains from streets, gutters, neighborhoods, industrial sites, parking lots and construction sites.

The stormwater carries disease-causing bacteria and viruses.  Polluted stormwater can also hurt aquatic life. One ounce of household bleach requires 312,000 ounces of water to be safe for fish.
The government and the agricultural sector in PEI always get nervous after  torrential downpours create runoff filled with pesticides from golf courses and farms. Runoff has been linked to shellfish deaths and fish kills.

overnment and the agricultural sector are breathing a sigh of relief with no reports of fish kills following a series of torrential downpours across P.E.I. early last week. Many people were expecting the worst — news that some stream was affected by pesticides from a heavy runoff. - See more at:
Just in case you think think we might be immune to this sort of thing. Despite being funded to construct a leach aid collection and treatment facility at the Robin Hood Bay Waste Disposal site, the job was never completed. Leach aid from the the decomposing garbage runs into ditches that ring the landfill and run right into the City of St. John's stormwater system and are deposited untreated into the harbour. Hard to believe but it is true.

Only a dirty bird fouls its own nest!

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