Sunday, January 11, 2015


I am in shock. After mass this morning the boys and I popped over to A&W for milkshakes. Turns out that they do not serve milkshakes in the Winter! That was not the shocking part though.

After being served by a young man from the Ukraine, a teen from Ethiopia and an Asian girl, I started to talk geography with my boys. To my dismay, disappointment and shock - they are geographically illiterate. (In fairness- Aidan knew Canada)

We managed to eek out the names of the provinces from East to West and 8 correct capitals. Europe, Asia and South America were mostly blanks with the exception of England and Russia! I was flabbergasted.

No doubt I was the strange kid who had a subscription to Time, MacLeans and National Geographic in grade six. Yes, my birthday wish in grade three was a globe (and was I ever excited). I liked keeping lists of leaders, cabinets, currencies and world events. Are my expectations too high? Seems natural to me that you would be curious about the world we live in.

Than again, I can not skate well, dribble a basketball or carry a note to save my soul.

But, something is flawed when they can tell me all the cities and countries in Tolkein's Middle Earth or Sky Rim, but the earth drawers an unimpressive shrug of the shoulders.

Where can I find a copy of Where in the world is Carmen Santiago?

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D'Arcy Butler said...

In case you haven't seen yet, someone has dumped about 2400 old MS-DOS games online for free, including Carmen Santiago.