Wednesday, January 21, 2015



“Why do people say "grow some balls"?
 Balls are weak and sensitive. 
If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina.
 Those things can take a pounding.”


Late last week, a Twitter discussion on the merits of the government's proposed electoral boundaries proposal  got a little personal.  

Rather than discuss the issues at hand, a few young Liberal types decided to take the low road preferring character assassination to logic. It would appear that I have earned a reputation as Judas Iscariot to the minions who are incapable of free thought.

The insinuation was that my positions were based on a dislike for the Liberal Party, that I was bitter about a nomination not going my way, that I was working for the Conservatives and something about stamps. My response was to ask the little twerp to show some courage and explain his insinuations. I suspect he has been feed some bullshit that needed to be clarified.

What I said was, " Who is selling out to who Neil? I don't beat to anyone's drum. Period. Grow some balls be your own person". Yesterday, Megan Cluett, VP of the MUN Liberals called me out saying I should be ashamed of myself for the "grow some balls" comment. She was right to call me out, that type of sexist language is offensive. I apologized.

I often use the phrase as a metaphor for courage, determination, resolute or similar attributes. I have often hear people say "grow a set" or " balls of steel".  It is not unlike how I still refer to CDs as albums, or Google it - meaning, do an internet search.  

I do not think Cluett was being persnickety in her comment to me. One does not need testicles to be courageous, determined or  resolute.   It is not the best phrase to use because it implies that if you’re going to be strong you have to be male or show male characteristics. It’s a gender stereotype that needs to be put to rest. Women are equally as strong and courageous as men.

Habits are hard to break, but we all need to try harder.

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