Tuesday, January 13, 2015


NLpoli is becoming a cesspool of partisanship. It is getting increasingly difficult to have have a balanced conversation about policy or approaches without some high energy partisan ascribing ulterior motives or hurling insults.

The silly season is here, no objective opinion can go unchallenged. The rose colored glassed are on. Liberals can not be critical for fear of not getting an opportunity when the government changes. The tories are in shell shock. Than there is the the cynics who just want this administration gone, the sooner the better.

The endless campaign to discredit is sickening and a disservice to thinking people who like to participate in a cyber public forum that used not to be a victim of hyper party polarization. 

Improving governing capacity, reforming our badly misaligned democracy, determining what the parties will do if given power, how each will make public expenditures more sustainable are very important questions that need to be debated and discussed.

Giving one party or another the flick for irresponsible governing is one thing, giving another a free pass is not a great idea either. Newfoundland and Labrador needs a credible government and a credible opposition. Without that balance we are setting ourselves up for more arrogance and disappointment.

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