Tuesday, January 20, 2015


According to a poll conducted by the Harper Government, Canadians appear to be softening their attitudes on the environmental impact of expanding the nation's energy infrastructure.

Natural Resources Canada conducted a $174,000 study involving 16 focus groups, which was followed up by a telephone survey to gather and assess Canadian opinions on energy.

Research firm Harris Decima, 46 per cent of respondents said they considered building energy infrastructure to be important to the economy, even if there was environmental impact.

Forty-one per cent said they weren't confident about the government's response to spills on land; 46 per cent said the same thing about the response to spills on water.

Get this now, In 2013-2014, Natural Resources had around $40 million budgeted for advertising -- $24 million for advertising abroad and $16.5 million for the domestic market. propaganda advertising campaign.

The controversial $8 Billion Keystone XL crude oil pipeline from Alberta to Nebraska  has been paralyzed by political discourse in the United States. President Obama has said he won’t decide whether to approve the new oil pipelines until a review has determined whether it is in the national interest

Senators in Washington D.C. are expected to vote tomorrow on “Buy America” and “no export” amendments for a bill that would approve TransCanada Corp's 1, 179 mile XL pipeline. 

TransCanada has proposed building a pipeline called Energy East to bring tar sands from Alberta to New Brunswick through the largest such pipeline ever built. The transnational pipeline has become more important to Alberta and Ottawa as the energy sector looks for ways to get it's bitumen to market.  

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