Wednesday, January 28, 2015


A complete reversal in temperatures from yesterdays snow and high-winds.  +10 equates to fog and slush in North America's most easterly city.

This is horrible weather for kids and outdoor activities. Sure, we are on the homestretch towards spring but I hate St. John's Winters. 

Bring on the snow, the blizzards and the cold temperatures.  Let me enjoy digging snow, making snow forts with the kids, snow snowshoeing and sliding. Let Aldan get some use out of his new snowboard! Let Liam go mad on his new GT Racer. Let us build snowpersons, have snowball fights and warm up with hot-chocolate by the fireplace.

Suffice to say the city uses a lot of salt. I was reminded of that fact while attempting a walk along Blackmarsh Road. All the slush on the side of the road made for the occasional taste of splashed up water which tasted as salty as a cup of Lipton Chicken Soup or worse those vending machine soups of long ago. My fellow  Q-93 and Kix FM alumni surely remember that machine! 

Than there is the issue of dressing, I took a chance on a spring coat but made a poor choice of footwear. I should have worn my Sorels today. My reward for trying to squeeze in a walk was wet feet and salt stained pants!

Seasons are a mirror to our lives. Winter is important, it is a time for contemplation, things die, we get to reflect on our bad habits and prepare for renewal.  Winter has  awe-inspiring qualities that are specific to its time of year. I love the bright blue skies and pink sunsets as the contrast with the snow and ice. It is so bright, unlike this faux Winter and its grayish fog and drizzle.  Wow can anyone describe the beauty of a fresh snowfall? What about those clear Winter nights when the full moon comes out after a fresh snowfall and everything sparkles?  When it snows it's so quiet and peaceful.

I am some frigging crooked! 

When it is Winter I want Winter!

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