Sunday, January 18, 2015


Not that my stock has much trade with them loyalty nuts over in the heinz-57 party, but I would not even bother to show up for this “emergency session". I would be prepared to gamble it all by declaring a total lack of faith in House of Assembly.
The government majority and certain defeat has created a situation where the government is prepared to hi-jack it’s own fixed term legislation to extend its grasp on power for a few weeks.  Seems devastating illogical.

To the government’s credit, they out-maneuvered the Liberals, caught the leader with his pants down. Earl McCurdy summed it up when he tweeted that no matter what your position is on the issue, Dwight Ball agreed with it at some point in the hours after the announcement(ouch!)

The real challenge now for the Liberals will be positioning to look like the government in waiting while engrossed in a bitter civil war over nominations.  They have to hold nominations in every single seat that changes?  With ten less, it is hard to imagine anything but Labrador remaining the same. All those festering wounds.

Labrador, there is another missed opportunity. The Liberal leader, Premier in waiting,  could have said he was in favor of not touching Labrador at all. He would not be in a position to act on that because his vote means nothing. It would however have made him a folk hero in Labrador.

If you’re serious about ensuring democracy is respected. That this process should not be rushed. That, this is not about money, that it is about fair and adequate representation for every resident region of the province.
If the oppositions chief concern is the rush, than pull the plug, refuse to acknowledge the Progressive Conservatives legitimacy to govern.

The entire caucus should declare that they will not enter the legislature or vote until the election is called. The leader could request that the Lt. Governor dissolve the government and call an immediate election.

Voting against this ploy is one thing, making it blow-up in their faces and ensuring a Spring election is another.  International headlines, a constitutional quagmire. Force the issue. The polls back you up. Show them that the voice of the majority of people, not the majority of the house matters most. Tell them the the Liberals will only support the changes if they are done right and that cannot happen between now and August.

This not about money, it is about democracy.

A principled stand by the Liberals might just be in order.

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