Saturday, December 20, 2014


While snooping around the completed access to information requests published on-line, I found this really interesting e-mail to Premier Davis from a "strong supporter of the Party who outlines his concern about the governments squandering of scarce political capital.

It is dated October 2nd, 2014 and is in part of response to a request regarding communication to Premier Davis regarding the controversial appointment of  Judy Manning as Justice Minister.

I have tried to understand how the Tories skidded so badly. They think it is all poor communication and biased media.

I have often asked what is going on? Poor leadership & poor advisers? Is it group think or a fear of speaking truth to power? Does the Premier just ignore advice, or could the new team know the end is near and are just milking it for what it is worth before the inevitable change in government?

This note shows that some Tory insiders and supporters  have been trying to get the message to the leader that "we don;t have time for these missteps anymore". Shame the leader and his closest advisers, like the last two temporary occupants of the office,

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