Wednesday, December 10, 2014


The silly rules of the House of Assembly.

Is there anyone in the province outside of those in the incredibly shrinking government backbenches and those that benefited from the Progressive Conservative's preferential treatment of Humber Valley Paving that would disagree with Liberal Lisa Dempster's statement in the House of Assembly that the  Humber Valley Paving controversy "smells of corruption." ?

The tory deputy speaker threw the Cartwright L'Anse au Clair out of the house of Assembly for refusing to withdraw the comment. Tory MHA Eli Cross ruled that she used  unparliamentary language and punished her for refusing to withdraw the comment.

The people of Cartwright L'Anse au Clair lost their voice in the House of Assembly for a day because their member echoed the opinion of the majority of the province on the Humber Valley Paving fiasco.

The action, coming in the wake of eight consecutive by-election loses and yesterday's eighth consecutive negative opinion poll paints a picture of an illegitimate government that can not be trusted with power.

It is high time that the opposition proposed a vote of non-confidence in the government demanding that the governments incompetence and corruption has created a democratic emergency that can only be resolved by a general election.

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