Saturday, December 6, 2014


Despite assurances from the RNC about crime rates in the city, it is pretty hard to feel comfortable in your home once the lights go down.

It used to be that leaving to go to the cabin or a hockey tournament created apprehension because you did not feel secure. Now that sense of dread has been expanded to sleeping. Folks all over the city are installing new deadbolts, and in many cases stronger doors, to keep the danger that lurks at night out of their homes.

A number of reports this weeks about attempted break-ins and home invasions buttress the statistics that show the drug problem in our city is growing.  The growing divide between the wealthy and the poor is also creating socioeconomic challenges that we do not seem to be prepared for. 

A few years ago the Provincial P.C's announced with great fanfare the establishment of an RNC regional police station in the East End of the City. That presence created a sense of security for residents. There was more police visibility. That lasted for a about as long as it took for the ink to dry on the press release, an example of optics and spin.   Where is that regional sub-station now?

While we are far from the crime rates of some larger cities, the unsettling feeling that we have arrived a new dangerous and uncomfortable milestone in our city's development is alarming. We live in a city where there are methlabs, where sex crimes are on the rise and we lead the country in youth homelessness. 

The prize for these robbers is not just cash and jewelry - they are looking for prescription medications that are easily converted to cash by dealers supplying a hungry addicted growing underbelly of addicts in our city.

I am not saying the sky is falling but the signs of the chaos to come are very evident.

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