Wednesday, December 24, 2014


I have been on a few school trips as a student and as a custodian.

Parents place a lot of faith in you to protect their children and return them safely.

I would hate to be the teachers responsible for a five-day school trip that resulted in seven young teens getting pregnant. 

Twenty-eight schoolgirls from Banja Luka went to the Bosnia-Herzegovina capital to sight see and visit museums.  Since returning from the fruitful outing, at least seven  (ages 13 and 14) are with child!

 Parents are rightfully enraged and asking what kind of adult supervision was provided on the trip. The national coordinator for reproductive health for the country is blaming the parents. He says the problem is a lack of health education. He claims these kids have no idea of the consequences of their promiscuity.

This was not one of these far fetched pregnancy pacts, but a symptom of parents and the educational system not preparing young women for the reality of sexual relationships.

 Apparently teenage pregnancies have become a significant problem in the country. Religion has been a challenge in getting sexual education on the agenda. 

Meanwhile, in Turkey, a strategic ally of Bosnia-Herzegovina where Muslims comprise the single largest religious group, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is condeming birth control.

He says contraception is responsible for watering down the bloodlines., "Lineage is very important, both economically and spiritually." 

He has called  for women to have at least three (but preferably five) kids. His Deputy PM doesn't think women should laugh in public. Last month he told a women's conference that Islam has "defined a position for women: motherhood."

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