Monday, December 15, 2014


The 2014 Peter MacDonald production of the Christmas classic, The Scrooge was an incredible treat.

The show was performed to packed matinees and capacity crowds over the weekend at the St. John's Art's & Culture Center. I may be a little biased because both Aidan and Conor were part of the cast - but this was a show that could have been on Broadway or in Las Vegas.

The quality of the acting, the dancing, the singing, the stagecraft  and the sets was simply incredible! There were over 100 performers, with choruses for dancers, adults, teenagers and children.

 MacDonald has been remounting “Scrooge,” every second Christmas for more than 15 years, expanding the production each year. 

The boys loved the opportunity to learn from older actors and participate in a big production. Aidan performed in Scrooge before and they both were part of last year's production of the Wizard Of Oz.

Being part of a big production like this is a big commitment for the boys and for the family. The last couple of weeks have been intensive, compounded by last weekends commitments to the Shallaway Christmas concerts. 

I think of the benefits that these guys are getting like making new friends, breaking out of their shell s and exploding onstage with their voices and movements,  learning  how to memorize quickly, learning control of their  bodies through choreography and movement, learning  discipline and gaining self confidence by performing in front of an audience. I wish that those opportunities has come my way when I was their age.  It is pretty much the penultimate kids’ musical theater experience!

The comradery, experience, long nights and fun was rewarded with a well deserved cast party. I am looking forward to a break in the driving.

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