Thursday, December 18, 2014


It is frigging ridiculous. Beyond the pale ridiculous. 

How in the name of the Virgin Mary and everything holy can audits at Eastern Health still be turning up concerns about communication issues, staff shortages, operating procedures and increased turnaround times?

Only a few weeks ago we learned that once again the heath authority was sending tissue samples out-of-province to Miami for testing. Justice Margaret Cameron's 2009 inquiry focused on failed ER/PR testing, which resulted in the deaths of dozens of women from this province. Her report flagged a series of laboratory mistakes and managerial oversight problems around operating procedures, staffing and communications.

Sure the government, management and the former partisan spin-masters from government that took over communications at the health authority can talk about meeting the majority of Cameron's recommendations but that is cold comfort to those who lives appear to have been lost in vain. It is also seems to be spin, because today's revelations show the system is plagued by many of the same issues as it was before the Cameron Report.

It is time for an inquiry into the management practices of Eastern Health where spin continues to be ore important than health delivery.

I am too exasperated to be angry anymore. 

Where are the pitch forks and torches?

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