Monday, December 15, 2014


The Harper government is once again putting the boots to the province. 

Reneging on a commitment to provide adequate compensation for the fisheries sector that will be hit hardest by the elimination of minimum processing regulations under the proposed Canada European Trade Agreement comes as no surprise to those of us who have not fallen for the Prime Ministers parlor tricks.

Unfortunately for the province, we have a lame duck leader that is no more able to rile up public support for this injustice than he is at wining by-elections.  For the next 8 months or so we have a political eunuch as premier.  He has no control over his caucus, our economic situation, our relationship with Ottawa or the future of his government.  We effectively have a voice in the wilderness. In Ottawa it is Paul who or Paul why-bother?

Ii he is baffled by Harper, he must be perplexed with the reaction back here.  The public does not know what to think about the Premier’s position. The tories have gotten a lot of stuff wrong – like pegging oil at $115 a barrel, neglecting to factor in the tariff costs of building ferries in Europe and the epic accidental seizure of the Abitibi mill in Grand-Falls. Could they have the CETA stuff ass-backwards as well?

Following his meetings with the Prime Minister, Davis stated “Harper could not be trusted”. The reaction here was, yea – sure we knew that already. Why did you political geniuses think any different?

Davis supported his old boss Kathy Dunderdale in rushing into the arms of Harper as soon as Danny left the building. From ABC to We Love Harper. No lesson learned.  The federal governments abject failure on the search & rescue file did not dent the new Conservative alliance.

Imagine the sting, all of that political capital wasted on putting Harper’s man on the rock’s niece in cabinet and still no pull in Ottawa. All those Harper tories that conspired to get the new guy in as premier – and still the Conservatives give him the finger, dismissing him like some truant school kid to go home and sook. 

Perhaps Davis should hire Danny to be his man in Ottawa.

There is a guy they respected and feared. No cowering and sulking. He took his medicine and gave as good as he got.

It would be safe to say that our leadership is no longer proud and determined. They are meek and vacillating.

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