Friday, December 5, 2014


"It's a serious process for a serious set of allegations" says Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau.

He announced today that the party has retained human rights lawyer Cynthia Petersen to investigate harassment allegations that led to the expulsion of  MPs Scott Andrews and Massimo Pacetti from the Liberal caucus last month.

The New Democrat MPs refuse to make a formal complaint but Peterson is supposed to oversee a process based on facts. What facts? The two Liberal MP's say they are innocent.

 It is unclear to me that the NDP will even participate in the process considering they did not want the matter in the public sphere to begin with. I suppose that leaves only the information and notes taken in the process that led the Liberal Leader to give the duo the boot in the first place. To reject them would certainly question his judgement.

Any charge is alleged until proved or determined true beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of one's peers. This is how it's supposed to work

On CBC Radio this morning the Liberal Leader says no decision has been made on signing either candidates nomination papers for the next election.  

I can not help put ponder on the source and purpose of last weeks leak from the third party regarding a reprimand that was allegedly given to Andrews last year. One one hand there is no process for dealing with inappropriate behavior, on the other hand their is. The leak, was designed to help Canadians form an opinion.

Why would anyone want this information leaked unless of course someone wants to frame the debate and depict Andrews in a light that helps establish a pattern of unacceptable behavior. The "leak" makes me more suspicious of any sort of fair or unbiased attempt to examine the so called "facts".

The so called allegations are criminal in nature, refer the whole matter to the RCMP. Let them investigate. Let the justice system prevail.  Let the cards fall where they may.

At this point I fear a kangaroo court is going to rubber stamp a predetermined outcome based on notes, not even sworn testimony. These are unsubstantiated, alleged accusations rather than confirmable facts as required in a true court of law.  The sad thing is, whether guilty or not, they have already been convicted with little chance of recovery. 

This is a lynching, not due process. This post is not a defense of the MPs but a call for sanity, for respect for the rule of law. If not, who is next to be destroyed based on no established facts and no evidence. It could be you.

I know one thing, if my job was on the line and my reputation was being run through the mud, being a team player would be the last thing on my mind.

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