Monday, December 8, 2014


A controversial nomination process for the Liberal Nomination in the federal riding of Ottawa-Orléans has concluded but not without the assistance of the police.

On Saturday night retired Canadian Forces general Andrew Leslie was acclaimed. The adviser to Liberal leader Justice Trudeau was not the only candidate to seek the nomination - he was the only candidate to be green lit. 

Ottawa lawyer David Bertschi claims the party acted undemocratically last month in disqualifying him from seeking the nomination. When he and some supporters protested at the meeting police were called to settle things down.

The party refused to provide the green light for his participation based on his alleged failure to  comply with a plan to pay down outstanding debts from his 2013 bid for the Liberal leadership. There was also a question about whether he had properly informed the party about a defamation action he had launched against a U.S.-based gossip website.

Candidates for provincial and federal Liberal nominations must submit answers to detailed questions about their taxes, incomes, employment history, financial history, publications, legal history and political history to a green light committee. That committee determines if a nominee is eligible to run as a candidate in a Liberal nomination process.

The most interesting clause is a question acknowledging full-disclosure which asks the candidate to confirm that he or she has disclosed any, and all facts, that could cause the electoral chances of the candidate or the party to be jeopardized. There is a grey area that is certainly open to interpretation. 

Breaking the law by puffing a marijuana cigarette or creating tax shams are okay but one has to watch those law suits against gossip rags. 

I guess Danny Williams would never be green lit!

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