Sunday, December 21, 2014


Today is the last Sunday of Advent.

Advent comes from the Latin word 'adventus' meaning 'Coming.'  The season of Advent has been set aside as a time of preparation since the 6th century

In churches today, readings, prayers, and reflections will focus on the narratives and events that surround the final theme of the Advent season: The Annunciation of the Birth of Jesus.

Today the fourth Candle of Advent, the Candle of Joy will be lighted remembering when the angel Gabriel told Mary that a special child would be born to her she was filled with joy.

Priests  will lead church rites that include the lighting of the third purple candle - the symbol of love - in the Advent wreath to emphasize the nearness of the joyous celebration of the  birth of Jesus Christ.

The two purple candles, which symbolize penance and hope respectively, as well as the pink candle, which symbolizes joy, will be re-lighted, leaving only the white center candle, which symbolizes Christ.

The white candle will be lighted during the Christmas Eve mass,  to herald the onset of Christmas.

What does Advent mean to you?

To me it is a time of renewal - of faith and family. A time to clean house, to prepare for the coming of the Infant Jesus and reflect on what that really means pray more deeply.


Anonymous said...

Edit title, advent not lent.

Peter L. Whittle said...

Just tring to keep readers on their would nto believe how many times I have to change lent to advent! Embarrassing or what!