Monday, December 15, 2014


After a great three year run, HBO's “The Newsroom” came to a close last night.

I got hooked on the show in the first year. It was preachy, idealistic and cleverly written. The crew at ACN like to speak truth to power and that came at a price as corporate and political agendas , no to mention the new media - threatened the sanctity of the news

Some people loved it. It had a cult following. Others, including many journalists disliked it. The rape plot in the last weeks  episode was timely. Although some critics on social media have been on the attack, the show exposed the issue of how best to deal with the inadequate legal response to sexual assault accusations and the ethics of ruining people's reputations without trials. Some critics felt the theme erred on disparaging the credibility of rape victims. I thought the show tackled the issue - the lack of balance and the emotion - quite well. 

The issue and how it was portrayed and handled by reporters and executive producers illustrated the hate-watch which was part of this program. They tackled the tough issues in a non-biased way.

 I should also point out that filming of the show wrapped up last summer well in advance of the recent spate of sexual assault outings.

I'll miss those paradoxical issues that define how and what is reported. It was a great show that hit the right notes. It made me think and occasionally laugh.

If ACN was real, I would be a subscriber.

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