Tuesday, December 23, 2014


The boys are getting excited about Christmas. Tonight they went shopping for gifts for mom & dad with Uncle Mike and Aunt Shelly.

They pooled resources.  I am proud of them. They genuinely are excited about giving.

While my gift remains a surprise, they disclosed what they have Kristine which involved shopping at a place called Les Vie En Rose, which they say, was better than La Senza because there was not “as many bras and pictures of underwear”. 

Conor has his Christmas day all planned. He plans to pour up a “big ole” glass of eggnog, play Assassins Creed Unity with his new custom X-Box One controller while listening on his new Bose headphones.

I hope Santa gets it all right.

Of course as great as the old guy is, he pales next to Uncle Mike and Aunt Shelly.

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