Saturday, December 27, 2014


I am feeling a little change in Christmas here at the Whittle Household.

For the first time ever we have an artificial tree. Absent is the fresh smell of evergreen through the house. I miss the smell that permeated through the house from the moment the tree enter the house until it was time to take it down.
It just captures the , right down to the very scent that fills the home. 
We have never felt a real tree was too messy. You just sweep up the mess. I have only had one particularly dry tree - a beautiful Nova Scotian tree that was nearly bare by the time Old Christmas Day rolled around.

Allergies are the culprit. Kristine, Conor and Aidan have allergies to dust. Conor has allergies to grass and trees.  Since Christmas trees grow outside, they are exposed to all the allergens found outdoors. When people bring trees inside, they also bring in things like mold and pollen, which are extremely common allergens.  According to an article in U.S. News and World Report, when people brought Christmas trees indoors, the mold spore count in the home increased fivefold.

There is a lot less sneezing and sniffling this Christmas but I am looking forward to getting home to St. Bernard's for the New Year. The scents of the chimneys emitting smoke flavored with spruce, fir and birch on a crisp cool night is the essence of Christmas.
enjoy the pine smell throughout the Christmas season; from the day the tree enters the house until its time to take the Christmas tree down.

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