Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Michael Harris is an outspoken journalist who has taken on more sacred cows and unveiled more corruption and institutional failures than any reporter that I know.  He has been fired many times for telling truths and reporting lies, exposing official cover-ups and systemic abuse.

When I was a kid, Micheal Harris was a new anchor at NTV.  He created twhat was arguably the best investigate paper in the country - The Sunday Express.  He pulls no punches, advocates for justice and does not  get co-opted by money, politicians or threats.

His bottom line is telling the story and unmasking the ugly truth through investigation, passion and perseverance.  

His latest book, Party of One illustrates, no proves, that the Harper Conservatives are a bunch of thugs that deployed unsavory tactics to achieve and remain in power. Readers of this blog no that I have been on a relentless mission for well over a decade to point out how corrupt, abusive and dangerous the CONservatives are.

However, I am a former political operative. My opinions can be written off as biased. The same can not be said of Mr. Harris who is trying to prevent our nation from being steamrolled.

Listen to his speech this past November to the UNIFOR Ontario Regional Council has he outlines the shameful Conservative record of deceit, dishonesty and destruction.

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